Instructions during the courses

1. Please put your bike number at your front, otherwise you will not be able to be identified and guided correctly.
2. Water are distributed via bottles. Please throw your bottle in the designated bins and not on the sides of the course to prevent obstacles for other cyclists.
3. Each cyclist can only participate in the course they registered to.
4. An additional passenger that is on a kid's seat or any other way, must wear a helmet.
5. the usage of electric bikes is prohibited and will not be allowed to enter the courses.
  • emergemcies- on the bike number will be printed a phone number for emergencies should one happen, for example: an injury or an accident occours, a small child got lost, etc.
  • carriages - attached to the bikes are allowed as long as the person on it follows the age criteria for the course. the person being carried must be signed to the event aswell.
  • entering the event with any kind of weapon is prohibited.